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SSC TIMES » News » Muqdisho Qarxis Jidka dhinaciisa

Muqdisho Qarxis Jidka dhinaciisa

Wararka Muqdisho naga soo gaaraya ayaa sheegaya in dad gaaraya ilaa 4 qof dhimasho iyo 10 dhaawac kadib markii miino jidka la dhigay qaraxday.

At least four Somali policemen died and 10 others wounded after landmine planten in road side exploded while going in Waberi district in Banadir region.

Eyewitness in Afasiyoni village in Waberi district that he saw the bodies of four policemen and ten others injured after the accident.

After the blast, policemen reached the place and conducted security operation thought it was not reported people seizes for the accident.

There is yet no group claims the responsibility of the blast.

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